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Music to everyone’s

FeelitLIVE makes it easy for musicians to live-stream professional-quality performances while enabling you to maximize revenue and connect and interact with their audiences

Amplify your music with virtual events that boost fan engagement and monetization

Two stages to connect with your fans the way you want

Feelitlive connects you to your fans through two stages: Mainstage and Backstage. With Mainstage, you can stream to the world, while your fans chat with each other during your show. With Backstage, fans have the ability to interact with you via a video chat after the event. This way, you decide how much access you want to give to people and pricing for each stage.
Two stages to connect with your fans the way you want
Ticketing and monetization made easy

Ticketing and monetization made easy

FeelitLIVE lets you maximize your revenue in multiple ways. Choose from up to four different ticket types, each holding a different access level and pricing point. Add an e-shop to your experience to sell your merchandise or add donations and tips processing so your fans can give their support any time during the experience.

Connect with your audience at a whole new level

FeelitLIVE has a set of powerful engagement tools to empower musicians to really engage and connect with fans. From a LIVE feed, where your audience can chat with each other and you all at once, to private chat spaces that your fans can create on their own, to the option to video chat with your fans after the show. FeelitLIVE has it all to ensure everyone comes together and has a great time.
Connect with your audience at a whole new level

The right tools to make every musician's virtual performance a total success

FeelitLIVE gives you the tools to monetize your music and engage with fans in the ways that work best for you.

Get up close and personal with your fan community by allowing them to join you backstage after the show for a real-time video chat.

Live feed
Push important announcements to your viewers without disturbing the live show, while empowering them to chat among themselves in the public feed.

Private spaces
Let your audience take control of their chat, by enabling them to create private spaces where they can chat with specific attendees, away from the public feed.

Live, prerecorded or on-demand
Create virtual experiences showcasing live, pre-recorded or on-demand content and boost monetization by extending the shelf life of new and existing content.

Ticket categories
Step up your ticketing strategy by creating up to four ticket tiers to better target your audience access levels preferences and budget.

Get your attendees engaged with your virtual experience, by sharing with them the event schedule, so they can view throughout the entire experience.

Donations & Tips
Add a donation or 'tip jar' option to your virtual experience, and let your fans contribute any amount that is comfortable for them.

Give your fans a seamless way to buy your music, merchandise and memorabilia throughout the entire virtual experience.

Admin tools
Manage your virtual experience, track your event's progress in real-time and download sales and attendees reports at any time and from any device.

FeelitLIVE Pricing

FeelitLIVE offers four different plans that you can choose from. For musicians, we recommend our Pro Plan, which gives you access to advanced functionality. The Pro plan fees are 20% of experience revenue plus payment processing. FeelitLIVE does not charge monthly fees or subscription fees.

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